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What is USP conductivity?

Conductivity measurements are used for the preparation of pharmaceutical water for injection (WFI) worldwide.

Hanna EC probes and meters can permit you to meet USP <645> Water Conductivity Requirements and European Pharmacopoeia 2.2.38. Conductivity Test for USP & EP Purified Water and Water for Injection. USP <645> with three stage compliance uses conductivity as a basis of ionic contaminants. Factors such as accuracy, resolution, cell constant certainty and ability to measure absolute conductivity are required. Stage 1 uses in-line conductivity measurements for compliance and a temperature/conductivity limit for compliance. Water that does not pass the Stage 1 limits must then be tested to Stage 2 requirements. This is a laboratory based technique that is streamlined using our meters with USP application firmware. They offer programmable set points to exceed the minimum meet USP and EP requirements and prompts to guide the technician. Water that does not pass at Stage 2 must be tested for pH.

Using Hanna conductivity will help to meet the goals of the USP Purified Water and EP requirements that include improved water quality meters, improved equipment reliability and reduction in the number of required tests.

Hanna Meters That Perform the Test Semi-Automatically: