What are wearable parts on my titrator?

Just like any machine, titrators need a little maintenance; such as replacing certain parts (like changing your car's brakes), to remain in tip-top shape.

Both potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrators have parts that will wear down with time and use. Some of this is just due to mechanical wear and tear, but exposure to chemicals and/or samples will also degrade parts. To avoid leaks and degradation, and to maintain instrument accuracy, it is recommended to replace the wearable parts on a regular basis. 

Potentiometric Titrators

Wearable parts for potentiometric titrators include aspiration tubing, dispensing tubing, and the burette syringe.

Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrators

Wearable parts for volumetric Karl Fischer Titrators include aspiration tubing, dispensing tubing, burette syringe, sepa, and O-rings.

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrators

Wearable parts for coulometric Karl Fischer titrators include glass joint grease, septa, and O-rings.

When to Replace the Syringe and Tubing


Syringe (Inside the Burette)

Titrant Replacement Frequency
Caustic < 1N 1 Year
Caustic > 1N 6 Months
Non-aqueous 1 Year
Any titrant > 1N 1 Year
Most others 2 Years



Titrant Replacement Frequency
Titrants that crystalize (e.g. silver nitrate) 3 - 6 Months
Most others  1 Year


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