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Which types of ISE electrodes does Hanna manufacture?

Here at Hanna we have a wide variety of both combination ISEs and half-cell ISEs.

Half-cell ion-selective electrodes contain the sensing material of the ion you wish to measure, however, they require a second reference electrode to function. When submerged in a sample, the ions in the sample cause a voltage change that is measured by the sensing electrode. The reference electrode provides a stable voltage for the meter to compare to. The overall reading is based on BOTH the sensing and reference electrodes.

Combination ion-selective electrodes have both the sensing portion and reference portion of an ISE all in one electrode. This can make testing more convenient.

Hanna Instruments Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs)

Image Electrode Half-Cell Combination




--- HI4101
HI4102_bromide_combination_ISE Bromide HI4002 HI4102
HI4103_cadmium_combination_ISE Cadmium HI4003


HI4104_calcium_combination_ISE Calcium HI4004 HI4104
HI4107_chloride_combination_ISE Chloride HI4007 HI4107
HI4108_2016-720x720-d559528d-ef85-4412-a482-c119d6a01874 Cupric HI4008 HI4108
HI4109_cyanide_combination_ISE Cyanide HI4009 HI4109
HI4110_fluoride_combination_ISE Fluoride HI4010 HI4110
HI4111_iodide_combination_ISE Iodide HI4011 HI4111
HI4112_lead/sulfate_combination_ISE Lead/Sulfate HI4012 HI4112
HI4113-nitrate_combination_ISE Nitrate HI4013 HI4113
HI4114_potassium_combination_ISE Potassium HI4014 HI4114
HI4115_silver/sulfide_combination_ISE Silver/Sulfide HI4015 HI4115
HI5315-ISE-Reference Reference HI5315 ---