Why should I use an automatic titrator?

If you are looking to save time and level up on your accuracy and reporting, an automatic titrator may be right for you!

Using an automatic titrator instead of using a manual burette and color indicator can solve the following issues that pop up when manually titrating:

  1. Determining a visual color change with the naked eye. The color change can be hard to discern in colored solutions.
  2. Not everyone sees color the same way. This causes discrepancies between operators who are titrating. This results in inconsistent, inaccurate, and imprecise results.
  3. Manually titrating takes skill and patience. It is very easy to over-titrate the endpoint. This leads to falsely high results, as well as wasted samples and chemicals.
  4. Titrating with a manual burette means you have to allow the titrant to enter the sample drop by drop while allowing each drop to completely react with the sample. This takes a lot of time.
  5. If you have to report results, you do not have much traceability outside of manual records.
  6. It is hard to tweak manual titration methods to optimize them for your sample. You can only change the sample size or the titrant strength.

Hanna Tip: Utilizing an automatic titrator can help you to easily avoid all of the pitfalls listed above.