What is Total Chlorine?

Total Chlorine can be an important measurement for your pool, spa, or general water disinfection.

Total Chlorine measures both the free chlorine (that is still available to disinfect) and the bound chlorine that has already reacted with contaminants. Bound chlorine is also known as chloromines. Once free chlorine converts to bound chlorine it can no longer act as a sanitizer. Now, you may wonder, why should I worry about Total Chlorine or Bound Chlorine? Well, there are guidelines that are in place for the maximum amount of chlorine allowed in certain bodies of water (ie. pool, spa, drinking water, general water disinfection). Going over that limit can lead to bad smells, ineffective disinfection, toxicity and health damage. 

Testing for total chlorine isn't hard. There are test kits, portable checker colorimeters, portable photometers, and benchtop meters.